Maui Disaster Relief

To everyone in the Maui community who suffered from the wildfire tragedies on the island, our hearts are with you.

We at Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth – a Hawai’i law firm – are here to help.

We are ready to help you recover some of what was lost, achieve justice, and find a measure of peace.

The hallmark of our practice is to optimize the net return to the client.

Our guiding principle is to advise and provide a favorable resolution for our clients with their claims.

Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth LLLC is an industry influencer led by Kenneth Kasdan, Founder and Managing Partner at Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth LLP who is considered one of the nation’s leading construction defect authorities.

Kasdan has practiced law for over forty years and in 2018, he was awarded the Silver Star Award for Best Plaintiff Attorney. He is rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubble, the highest rating achievable for both judicial skill and ethics. Since 2009 to the present, he has been selected for inclusion as a Southern California Super Lawyer.

Kasdan’s practice has helped influence the change in building codes to protect homeowner’s rights, has handled thousands of cases with complex issues involving corrosion of building components, sulfate attack damage to concrete, soil subsidence, water intrusion, and wind-related damage. As a result of Kasdan’s multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, the construction industry has modified many of its procedures to produce better, stronger and more durable concrete used throughout the Western United States.

The attorneys at Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth LLLC are committed to the principle of efficient and early resolution of cases, while thoroughly investigating and analyzing each claim.

Our Partners have recovered more than $1.1 billion in claims for our clients.

This includes community associations, commercial property owners, and large groups of homeowners. Awards recovered

Practice Groups

Construction Defect

Construction Defect

An array of factors ranging from shortcuts in construction, design flaws, cost-cutting measures, the production of substandard goods, to sloppy construction practices, can collectively contribute to the emergence of defects within both buildings and homes.

Class Action

Class Action

Class Actions are cases in which people join as a class to recover damages caused by a similar wrongful act. Claims, which on an individual basis would be unaffordable, provide strength in numbers against big companies.

Consumer Law

Consumer Law

Consumers have the right to rely on the honesty and integrity of the companies with which they do business.  Often, profit-driven decisions made in corporate boardrooms hurt people living near the factories, or relying on the quality of the product they buy to properly perform.

We help associations recover funds to get the defects fixed

Many forms of construction defects, such as those listed below, are commonly found in buildings, undermining their safety, structural integrity, aesthetic qualities as well as potentially devaluing the project. In the worst case, construction defects, if left un-remedied, create unsafe conditions especially if water intrusion fosters mold development or structural and fire safety systems are compromised. If you believe you have construction defects where you live, don’t hesitate to act.

  • Improper Construction of Fire-Rated Assemblies
  • Omission of Code Required Fire Walls
  • Water Intrusion Through Building Envelope
  • Premature Deterioration of Plumbing System
  • Excessive Cracking of Parking Area and Garage Slabs
  • Corrosion of Structural Steel/Building Components
  • Premature Failure of Roof Membranes
  • Corrosion of Roof Mounted Chiller/Evaporative Towers
  • Inadequate HVAC Design and Installation

Clients we represent

Since being established nearly three decades ago, our firm has represented a wide range of clients and a diversity of properties and organizations, such as community associations, condominium associations, mixed use projects, mid-rise and high rise condominiums, and municipalities.  Whether representing an individual property owner or several hundred plaintiffs in a mass action or thousands in a class action lawsuit, each and every client receives the highest level of professional service and expertise coupled with our determination to aggressively pursue each case to a successful conclusion.  We provide each client with broad and deep experience that comes from representing a wide spectrum of property ownerships and organizations including:

  • AOAO/Community Associations
  • Condominiums
  • Mid-Rise Buildings
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Apartment Owners
  • Individual Homeowners
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Municipal Properties
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Houses of Worship

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