Concrete Slabs & Foundations

Critical defects issues in certain cases has been the deterioration of concrete slabs, foundations and flatwork due to sulfate attack. Our affiliated firm Kasdan LippSmith Weber Turner pioneered litigation over sulfate attack and was the first law firm to win jury verdicts on claims of sulfate attack to residential concrete in Southern California. Defect issues regarding concrete slabs and foundations include:

  • Sulfate attack to concrete
  • Corrosion of Hurricane Straps embedded in slab
  • Inadequate foundation design
  • Moisture intrusion through slabs
  • Moisture damage to interior flooring
  • Inadequate foundation embedment
  • Failure to properly grout post tension cables
  • Failure to apply corrosion resistant coating to the post tension anchors
  • Failure to provide correct concrete type and mixed design that is resistant to attack by corrosive chemicals in soils, such as alkali & chlorides
  • Corrosion of seismic restraints