Defective Recessed Lighting

During a recent construction defect investigation of a condominium project, by our Affiliated Firm in Arizona, we discovered that a certain type of recessed lighting fixture manufactured in China may pose a fire hazard. The problem appears to be that due to poorly designed and poorly made lamp holder assemblies, the internal wires are overheating within the lighting fixtures, which we believe presents a fire danger. The fixtures in this condo project are marketed as “Intense Model IV4SE” and can be purchased at lighting and home improvement stores. Since these are recessed lighting fixtures, the defects are hidden from view and could get increasingly more dangerous without the occupants even being aware of the problem. Based on previously reported problems with products made in China such as toys and drywall, this defect could be extensive and affect many brands of lighting. If you are concerned about the safety of your recessed lighting fixtures, please contact us today.