Roof Systems

The roofing system contains many components, such as framing, plywood decking, felt underlayment, sheet metal flashings and the exterior roofing material. There are many types of exterior coverings, such as clay tile, asphalt shingles and wood shake, to name a few. Construction defects of roof systems can cause damage to personal property in a home or building, and to the interior framing members, ceilings, drywall, paint and wallpaper by allowing water intrusion into the building. Water intrusion can also cause molds and fungi to propagate and create unhealthy indoor air quality. Common roof system construction defects are:

  • Roof tiles overexposed, improperly lapped and misaligned
  • Broken and chipped roof tiles
  • Roof tiles that are not attached, loose and sliding
  • Roof paper or “felt” fails to completely cover roof deck
  • Split, torn or deteriorated felt
  • Missing anti-ponding metal at eaves
  • Open gaps at joints of flashing
  • Valley metal cut too short
  • Failure to use corrosion-resistant nails
  • Flashing improperly installed at chimney saddles and skylight