Windows & Doors


Flashing takes on many forms, sizes and shapes, from sheet metal flashing installed as an integral component of the roof system to paper or plastic flashing. It is applied to the framing and windows.  It is also applied as metal flashing at the top of windows and doors. Its purpose is to keep the water out and to prevent water from ponding at joints. It also directs and prevents water from sheet flowing along the walls and into the assemblies of windows and doors.  Sometimes flashing is missing or simply not installed and leaks occur. Sometimes flashing is torn or damaged during construction and as such leaks result.

Throughout the Hawaiian Islands metal flashing will corrode if not made of appropriate materials and if not properly protected. It will not only render it useless but also leave open a pathway for water to enter directly into the walls of the house. In the Islands a home doesn’t have to be right on the water to have corroded flashing. All areas are exposed to an ocean environment and are susceptible to corrosion — it’s just a matter of time.

The repair is remove and replace the damaged flashing.