Inspect Your Railings & Walkways Now

  • Inspect Your Railings & Walkways NOW Hazards in these areas harm your guests and usually guarantee your liability COURTESY HAWAII HOSPITALITY MAGAZINE/TRADE PUBLISHING COMPANY BY BRETT ALEXANDER-ESTES A recent fatality at Ala Moana Center that occurred when a railing reportedly gave way is still fresh in the minds of many Hawaii residents. As the Ala Moana accident and similar tragedies show, maintaining safe railings and walkways is critical at Hawaii’s commercial and hospitality properties. It’s no easy task. Hairline cracks in a walkway…specks of rust on a balcony…too much space between railing pickets – these tiny catastrophes-in-the-making are common at many Hawaii properties. The source of these dangerous conditions “can be bad design, defective construction or inadequate maintenance, or any combination of these factors,” says Kenneth Kasdan, a senior partner at Kasdan LippSmith LLLC, a Hawaii law firm.
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