Kapiolani Residence

Please Inspect Your Home Carefully Before Responding.

Dear Homeowner,

Our firm, Kasdan Turner Thomson Booth LLLC, represents your association in a construction defect dispute against the developer and general contractor of Kapiolani Residence.  As part of our investigation into plumbing issues, we would like to hear from you regarding any issues you have identified in your unit.  Please take the time to fill out the questionnaire below.  If you have photographs or related documentation, please email a copy to our firm at: kapiolanicd@kasdancdlawhawaii.com.

Additionally, we are seeking homeowners to volunteer their units for testing and investigation of various construction defect issues to assist our efforts on behalf of your community. If you are able to assist with an inspection, please note so below. An attorney will contact you to provide you with further information regarding the scope of the inspections.

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1. Have you noticed that your toilet is bubbling or gurgling?*

2. Have you noticed times when your toilet bowl does not have water in it?*

3. Do you notice a sewer odor in the bathroom?*

4. Do you notice sewer odor anywhere in the unit?*

5. Do any of your fixtures drain slowly?*

6. Have you had any backups in your sinks or toilets?*

7. Have you had any backups in with any appliances such as laundry machines and dishwashers?*

8. Have you noticed suds or unexplained bubbles coming out of the drain in your sinks or toilets?*

9. Have you had any plumbing leaks?*

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