Class Action

Class Actions are cases in which people join as a class to recover damages caused by a similar wrongful act. Class Action suits are specified by both Federal and State statutes to provide an effective and efficient vehicle to recover for wrongful acts, the consequences of which are suffered by large groups of persons similarly situated. Claims, which on an individual basis would be unaffordable, provide strength in numbers against big companies.

Prominent Class Actions include consumer products, building products or financial institutions by consumers against large companies, or insurance companies. These Actions allow just a few individuals hiring knowledgeable counsel to champion their cause. The firm’s Class Action Practice Group handles cases nationwide. Our firm has represented thousands of homeowners to recover funds to fix corroded hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are crucial components of a home’s structural system which is designed to resist the destructive forces of the inevitable hurricanes hitting the Islands. In one case, we recovered $37,500,000 to fix the homes and in a larger project we recovered $90,400,000 and reconstruction is underway. These communities are now safer.