Commercial and industrial projects may sometimes be subject to defects in the construction, and often plagued with cost overruns and disputes concerning change orders, and delay/impact claims. Our lawyers at Kasdan LippSmith LLLC have aggressively pursued and defended claims concerning large and complex projects and structures. We have done so in both the Negotiation and Mediation processes and if necessary in Litigation or Arbitration. We have a consistent track record of successful outcomes because:

  1. We have experience handling these types of claims with many types of commercial/industrial projects, including apartments, office and industrial buildings, hotels, houses of worship, Self-Storage and even airplane hangars at major international airports
  2. We assign senior legal counsel to manage the case and to protect the owners interest
  3. We have a proven track record of successful results in trial/arbitration as well as achieving settlement

By using this approach during all phases of the process, the pertinent documents are reviewed by experienced counsel. We select and coordinate experts to perform the necessary property condition investigation and then analyze the relevant contracts.

Our legal skills, knowledge of defects and our reputation all merge into an effective legal team which can achieve early resolution to cases.