We Understand Municipalities

We know that pursuing construction defect claims in the municipal environment presents special circumstances that can only be understood and addressed by outside counsel that has applicable experience. For more than 30 years, our firm has represented plaintiffs in both the public and private sectors and has gained the knowledge, cultivated the expertise, and developed the tools necessary to effectively pursue construction defect claims. Our credentials, coupled with our experience in all facets of the judicial process on a state and federal level, make our firm a powerful partner at your side if you decide to seek a fair and appropriate recovery.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work closely with State, County, City, University and School officials and decision makers to resolve construction issues. These issues may affect an existing structure or they may block the completion of a new city facility such as a garage, police station, roadway, or perhaps a city hall, with construction costs mounting daily. We know that the infusion of funds from a successful claim, or an enlightened commitment from the general contractor to resolve the defects, can bring a stalled project back online – and the sooner the better.

We also know that most public entities are limited in what they can do to pursue construction defect claims. Many governmental entities lack the money, the expertise, and the time to determine how their projects are being impacted by construction defects and what they can do about it. Call us today for an initial no obligation no cost consultation.