Woes at Waiea

Spending $3.6 million for a condominium will buy you a lot. A lot of trouble, that is, including loud popping sounds coming from windows that resemble sonic booms. At least, that’s what the board of the luxury Waiea condo tower in Kakaako’s Ward Village alleges in a lawsuit filed in state court last month. The suit against contractor Nordic PCL Construction Inc., as well as possible still-unnamed subcontractors, designers and suppliers, raises again claims originally brought in a 2017 suit by Waiea developer The Howard Hughes Corporation. That case sought $75 million in damages for what it claims are defects in construction, plus cost overruns and late delivery. The board at that time— with a majority of members affiliated in some way with Hughes—declined to join the suit but reserved the right to file its own suit against Nordic at a later time.

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